Research & Development

Today more than ever, the world needs companies that take the future of the planet we live on to heart, to ensure a healthy and safe world for the generations of today and tomorrow.
Anvest Health wants to promote this message by investing its resources in the research and development of products with a low environmental impact life cycle and providing its employees with a stimulating, but above all, sustainable workplace.



Our strength is our Research and Development area, a reference point and an irreplaceable ally for our laboratories. Every day Formulators, Doctors and Pharmacists actively collaborate with universities and research centres, in order to create exclusive mixtures and patented technologies, through clinical studies and analytical reports attesting to their quality, effectiveness and safety.
We use the most advanced production, extraction, and titration techniques of exclusively natural raw materials, thus guaranteeing pure active ingredients that meet the high pharmaceutical standards set out in the guidelines of the Italian Ministry of Health (MSI) and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Certifications and Patents


Study of epidemiology and physio-pathology applied to specific therapeutic areas.

Selection of natural active ingredients that participate in the mechanisms of action identified by consulting international bibliographies.

Research into the most effective dosages, titrations and extraction techniques.

Formula development according to the highest pharmaceutical standards.

Pre-clinical tests to demonstrate active ingredient synergy, bioavailability, and mechanisms of action in vitro.

Clinical studies to evaluate therapeutic efficacy at poly-specialist centres and hospitals.

Patent application to demonstrate the uniqueness of the technology applied to the formula.

Launch of technical and scientific training conducted by researchers, doctors and professionals to highlight the quality and effectiveness of the preparation.